Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2007-07-25 || License: Freeware Developer: Blue Needle | App Owner: mykoleary

lilill is a Little OS X Application that makes using menubar extras fun. It is optimized for use on laptops, especially the 12" & 13" models where menubar extra space is at a premium. We believe in using menubar extras, and are frustrated when we can't see them all due to limited horizontal screen space and overly aggressive menus in applications.

When you make lilill the active application, all you see is its name. No help menu, no edit or window menus. Just a simple thin name with TONS of space to see all those previously hidden menubar extras.

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minu and menuola are similar

Neat app. Could you by any chance make it a menubar app only that can be placed to the far right (like MenuClaendarClock or PopChar for instance) so it doesn't crowd the Cmd-Tab app-list.

expecting a kind of menu-stack i was surprised by the effectiveness of this solution.

it is very simple and basic idea though, which grants speed and future compatibility.

thumbs up,
though this lacks a bit of spirit

I fixed the crashing bug and released a new version.

I had the same idea in my head for a long time.
Being a 15" powerbook user, it was more an envy than a need, so I didn't find the time to do it.
It's very nice to see an other people had the same idea and actually did it.

Unfortunately, this first beta crash for me.

Neat idea. I like it!