Version: 2.0.3 || Release Date: 2007-10-19 || License: Freeware Developer: Rogue Amoeba | App Owner: rogueamoeba

Use LineIn to play sound coming in through a microphone or any other device plugged in to your Sound In port, just as was once available with OS 9's "Play input through output device" option

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This app is almost what I was looking for tonight. The window is annoying (I'd rather a faceless "just do it"). At least it remembers the passthru state, so when it starts at login, it'll be working.

Perfect for running a guitar FX box into my Mac and playing along to iTunes!

this app is key in helping me reduce my stereo clutter. I can now run my turntable into my iMac's line-in, then run my iMac into the stereo, instead of reducing quality through RCA Y-cables.

I use this for sharing speakers of two macs.
Low cpu usage, low latency, good quality.
I think it's only stereo.

Does anyone know if this works with the digital 5 channel audio in/out on the miniports such as on the Mac Mini? In particular, I would like to pass-through the audio on an audio device that pushes out 5 channel PCN audio. I just don't know if this program can handle that. Ideas?