Version: 1.8 || Release Date: 2011-06-10 || License: Shareware ($9) Developer: Mani | App Owner: flov

LittleSecrets is a useful program running on Mac OS X for storing secrets.

You can entrust notes of any kind to LittleSecrets and save them encrypted on your hard disk. It's up to you for which purpose you use LittleSecrets, e. g. storing passwords, account numbers, provider data, serial numbers, project ideas, URLs etc. LittleSecrets keeps your information in a safe place. It takes care that the only person who gets access to that data is you.

The documents created with LittleSecrets will be encrypted with the so-called "Blowfish" algorithm with a key length of 448 bit in "Cipher Block Chaining" mode. Therefore you have to choose a password. This method ensures the protection of your data. Only the one who knows the right password will be able to decrypt the information. So you better not forget your chosen password, because even I - the programmer of LittleSecrets - won't be able to decrypt this document.

To store the passwords for your documents, LittleSecrets may optionally use your personal key chain provided by Mac OS X. Due to this feature it won't be necessary to enter the password every time you open a LittleSecrets document.

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