Little Snitch

Version: 3.3.4 || Release Date: 2014-07-23 || License: Commercial with demo ($29.95) Developer: Objective Development Software GmbH | App Owner: equinox

Alerts you of outgoing network connections.

A firewall protects your computer against unwanted guests from the Internet. But who protects your private data from being sent out? Little Snitch does!

Little Snitch informs you whenever a program attempts to establish an outgoing Internet connection. You can then choose to allow or deny this connection, or define a rule how to handle similar, future connection attempts. This reliably prevents private data from being sent out without your knowledge. Little Snitch runs inconspicuously in the background and it can also detect network related activity of viruses, trojans and other malware.

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31 Opinions

excellent tool.

Brilliant program.
It really should be part of OSX anyway....I consider an essential part of my OSX

A little bit paranoid. And for the ultimate irony, phones home itself upon registratiion. How nice.

I agree with everyone else. Knowing what is allowed in and out should be part of the OS. Sadly it is not. Thankfully Snitch lets me keep tabs.

Note: Not automatically installed/active for all user accounts on your machine.

This firewall support should be built right into the OS. But since it's not, Snitch is a great program to have. It will be even handier if the Spyware problems facing all desktops starts to get out of hand on the Mac.

Agree. Had to bust Apple's Dashboard the other day. I love this program and the power it gives me to make sure only what I want is moving out of my machine.


Snitch it... Snitch it good!! :)

another one of those "must have" tools.

Can't live without it. Don't let those apps phone home.

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