Version: 1.4.7 || Release Date: 2012-07-23 || License: Freeware Developer: ClueTrust | App Owner: gaige

GPS File utility.

LoadMyTracks downloads Tracks, Routes, and Waypoints from GPS receivers (including those from Garmin, GlobalSat, Magellan, Lowrance, TomTom and Timex) to your Macintosh. From this information, it can create GPX files or KML files (for use with Google Earth and Google Maps).

LoadMyTracks will also send GPX files to your Garmin or Magellan GPS Devices, including Geocaching.com extensions and LOC files for Geocaching.

The software can also transcode files from GPX to KML and load archived files for certain devices.

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5 Opinions

Super-frustrated from trying to get the GlobalSat Data Logger on my mac... forum crawl --> find a mention of LoadMyTracks. 20 seconds to download, and it did it on the second try... after the first failed try it TOLD ME "Please turn the device ON" :) Can't believe this is freeware, absolutely AWESOME, now looking at my tracks on Google Earth. If you have a GPS tracker, you MUST get it NOW.

Can't believe such a useful thing is freeware! Works with my Garmin GPSmap 296 using a Brand X USB-serial lead, and with my Globalsat DG-100 GPS logger.

Really great app. Only app I could find that works togehter with my outdated Geko 201 via USB2Serial adaptor. As mentioned great companion to TrailRunner

Works perfectly together with TrailRunner. Use LoadMyTracks to download and upload GPX Tracks and use TrailRunner to view, analyze and create routes.
(BTW TrailRunner is a route planning application for people doing long distance sports)

Beautiful. Does exactly what it's supposed to with my keyspan usb-serial adapter and Garmin etrex. gpsbabel from the command-line was my preferred method before but it stopped working with the GPS at some point. I bought MacGPS at some point and it's way too clunky but it does work. Paid for Google Earth and that doesn't work either, but I'm not worried if it - LoadMyTracks does the job perfectly.