Loads of Folders

Version: 2.4 || Release Date: 2015-01-03 || License: Shareware (£3.00) Developer: David McKeitch Sound Services | App Owner: peacheymckeitch

Quickly create sequentially named folders.

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Loads of Folders is an simple app for batch creating sequentially numbered folders.

Just choose a folder name, a spacer, how many you want to create and where.

An unregistered copy of the app is limited to ten folders.


Makes 100's of folders with the click of a button.

Notification center support to let you know when the app is done working.

Choose a spacer, such as a normal space, or a dash.

Start the folder's numbering from any number.

Rembers your folder creation settings between launches.

Supports adding leading zeros to folder names.


"Thanks a lot this is such a helpful app.” - Garrett Gosselin

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