Version: 1.0.6 || Release Date: 2008-09-11 || License: Freeware Developer: Foozoo Design | App Owner: ctwise

Anti-Theft System for Mac

Lockdown is a Mac security application built from the popular iAlertU. With a new interface, splash screen, and icon, Lockdown makes securing your Mac while you step away even easier than ever. You can customize its detection features by activating your computer's motion-sensors, keyboard-sensors, external device sensors, MagSafe sensors, and more to ensure that not even the slightest tap goes unnoticed.

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6 Opinions

iAlertU, but updated!!! basically

crashes in Snow Leopard, at least for me.

only available for leopard?

Doesn't work with multiple monitors.

not only fun, but actually quite useful. not in your own home of course, but if you travel with your macbook a lot and tend to leave it in, say, the press area at sports events and such, it does what it's supposed to do.

plus it feels and sounds exactly like locking your car with the remote, which is hiliarious.

Fun little app. Could be very useful if you need to make sure no one is using your computer when you walk away. And if they do you'll get to see who it was.