LoginWindow Manager

Version: 2.0.2 || Release Date: 2006-09-17 || License: Freeware Developer: Mike Bombich | App Owner: soulmonkey

LoginWindow Manager can be used to manage several hidden features of the loginwindow application.

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This utility does everything it claims to, and Apple, shame on you, all this should have been built-in to OS X anyway.

From the site:

Disabling the restart and shutdown buttons on the login screen (ok, this feature isn't hidden, but belongs to this group anyway)
Hide local users in the list of users at the login screen
Hide administrator users at the list of users at the login screen
Include network users in the list of users at the login screen (applicable only in conjunction with MCX)
Show the "Other..." user at the loginwindow screen
Disable the logout, restart, and shutdown items in the Apple Menu. This is useful if you're setting up the computer to be a Kiosk. (Panther only)
Disable the hidden feature in loginwindow that allows you to drop to a black, all-text login screen. (Panther only)
Set the loginwindow text message (for example, an Acceptable Use Policy)
Set the DesktopPicture displayed at the loginwindow
Show the keyboard input menu
Granular control over the power controlling buttons
Implement scripts to be run at login or logout