Version: 0.7 || Release Date: 2007-09-26 || License: Freeware Developer: Lowell Stewart | App Owner: mmilian

Lostify is a metadata tagger for MP4 videos. It runs on Mac OS X, and the tags it produces aim to be compatible with iTunes, the iPod video (5G), and Front Row. This means that after you tag a video using Lostify, it will show up in iTunes, iPod and Front Row appropriately as a TV Show, Music Video, etc., with all the episode information, season information, etc. intact.

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I love the ability to define, in the tags, tons of useful information, such as the ability to move audiobooks ripped from CDs into the Audiobook Library, instead of the Music Library. The ability to lock certain tags across a series of files (even when those tags are empty) makes things a lot easier when working with a large group of files. The only flaw I find with it is that, apparently, Lostify cannot insert album art. However, since it seems that Lostify is basically a graphical front-end to AtomicParsley, and since AtomicParsley can edit album art, there doesn't seem to be a single reason not to implement that feature. Perhaps it's in development, perhaps not.

iTunes might incorporate tagging video files now, but Lostify allows you to access more tags than are available through iTunes.

iTunes has incorporated tagging into iTunes 7, so Lostify has been effectively rendered useless.

Just found out about this today. Why iTunes doesn't have this functionality built-in beats me.