Luscious SMS

Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2011-10-11 || License: Shareware (€ 19.90) Developer: treeinspired | App Owner: nerdmaster

Luscious SMS provides you the ability to send SMS either over your Bluetooth enabled phone, several free SMS services or our professional TREE SMS gateway.

Import Calls and SMS from your iPhone.

The Mac OS X integrated Address Book is fully supported in Luscious SMS including the address auto completion. This allows for a faster address access. In addition, a Mini-Address Book provides you the possibility to use Group addressing and add-on of new contacts.

Available Plugins:
• Macbay (
• Schoolnet Switzerland
• Hispeed Switzerland
• Swisscom and Bluewin - SMS Box / Desktop SMS
• Swisscom Youth
• Sunrise Switzerland
• Orange Switzerland
• Orange France

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1 Opinion

I used BluePhoneElite for years and it had to very annoying issues: It gets hell slow, if you have a lot of messages. And IMO they totally screwed up the usability in v2. So with my switch from a Sony Ericsson to an iPhone I switched to "Missing Sync for iPhone" - unfortunately: It crashes all the time, syncs unforeseeable and leaves dirty traces in my MobileMe settings after the uninstall.

Not so with "Luscious SMS". Great usability, rock solid execution - and all over Apples secure iTunes backup feature for the iPhone. No hacks, no nothing. And it even integrates with my WebSMS-Account. 5 of 5 stars for this app.