Version: 0.8.1 || Release Date: 2007-06-08 || License: Freeware Developer: Chuck Houpt | App Owner: habilis

Lynxlet is an application for launching the text web browser Lynx in a Terminal window.

Lynxlet completely encapsulates the lynx executable, libraries, and configuration files - so no compiling or installing is needed. Just download and enjoy.

Because Lynxlet is a Mac OS X web browser, it can be launched in a similar manner to Safari. For example, drop HTML files on it, or use it to preview from BBEdit or Dreamweaver. You can even make it your default web browser, and all URLs will open in Lynx.

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8 Opinions

Simply the greatest browser ever.

Not a bad idea! I already wrote a bunch of scripts and crap that interface with lynx on the commandline, but I can see how this would be useful. Nice icon too.

I always view my sites in this to make sure they'll make sense when CSS, images, and Javascript are negated, as this is similar to how it will appear to screen readers and search engines and the like. It's kinda a worst-case scenario simulator.

Clearly, I can see the geek potential in this thing.

But I'm curious to know, when do one prefer to view webpages in text-only during these days, of CSS-themery feber and whatnot? :) Appreciating some enlightment.

Works exactly as advertised: great

Very nice. THIS will get some use :D

This is a really great idea, and perfectly executed.