Version: 3.0 || Release Date: 2010-04-22 || License: Shareware ($29.95) Developer: Coding Robots | App Owner: dchest

The easiest way to keep journal on your Mac. Saving your memories and returning back to them has never been so enjoyable before.

Mémoires is the best way to keep your journal on Mac OS X. Choose a day and write as many notes as you like. Then browse your journal by day using calendar, or search for notes using the instant-search feature.

Mémoires has a gorgeous user interface. Even though it's a powerful application, it is very easy to use. No distractions, no complicated forms: just two buttons and one search field. Even easier than a paper journal!

Mémoires supports AES-128 encryption, so your diaries will be safe from prying eyes.

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This is very nice and simple. Worth every penny.

This is very nice and simple. Worth every penny.

In fact, darn-it, I'm just gonna use Mémoires as my daily note-taking tool and when I'm ready to blog anything from it - I'll simply export the entry/entries as an rtf file and paste straight into iBlog - brilliant :)

I'm not sure if I need this - but I love it so much I just want it!

My idea of heaven would be the conjoining of Mémoires and iBlog :)

I've come to like this app really fast.
I've just started college and it's a very spiffy way to keep track of my notebooks, instead of lugging around dead trees ;p
And I agree with mostly everyone, its lack of "bloatware" is its best feature.

A calendar, an empty space, and your thoughts. Effortlessly functional and cleanly designed. Rather than divert your attention to labels, colors, and a myriad of buttons and options, Mémoires' simplicity lets you type everything... down to the last detail.

Essential software to keep things humming along... :)

I love this app, it's simple and elegant, easy to use like a Mac app should be. It's best feature is it's not inundated with buttons and drawers.

With this new version (1.0.25), the days in which entries were written are highlighted in the calendar. So, now there's a way to navigate through entries.
However, the application does not remember yet the size of the window (when it is resized manualy) or its location on screen. But the correction of these problems is promised for a future version.

Nice and simple little diary, but... there's no way to navigate through entries. (Unless you remember the date in which you wrote each one.)
I have emailed the developer about that and he replied to me, saying that a date tree navigation will be included in the next versions.