Version: 1.08 || Release Date: 2007-03-02 || License: Freeware Developer: hypert software | App Owner: macscreencast

M3U files are simple text files used to "stream" MP3 files. You can find them at many excellent sites like CD Baby and Magnatune. Sometimes, you might want to keep the real MP3 file, instead of just streaming it. This program (m3u2mp3) does just that!

On Mac OS X, the app should just run as is. You can can drop one or more M3U files on it, and it will fetch all the MP3s referenced in the M3U. If you use Finder's Get Info to associate an M3U file (or all M3U files!) with this app, you can just double-click on the M3U file(s) to launch them with m3u2mp3 and download the MP3s.

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not to be a bubble burster but you can do what this application does by using TextEdit;

1. instead of just plain clicking the stream file, ctrl-click it and choose "Download Linked File"

2. whether the stream's playlist file is .pls or .m3u, just change the extension of the file to .txt

3. double click the file, it should open in your text editor and voila! the links to the mp3 files contained within the stream are right there, copy and paste them into your preferred download manager and enjoy!