Version: 1.1.14 || Release Date: 2010-03-15 || License: GPL App Owner: tnhh

MacBiff is a GPL'd Mac OS X "Biff" Program. It periodically checks your IMAP server for new email, and reports where in your folder hierarchy your new mail resides.

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Could someone, please, make a similar app for POP mail? What I mean is a menuber item to check the POP account periodicaly and display the number of new messages.
There are quite a few that do this for Gmail but I cannot find a single one for POP accounts. There's only one widget (MailWidget), as far as I know.

Please disregard my comment below -- MacBiff 1.1.12 has been merged with the official project! The latest version is now on SourceForge at

The Homepage link above won't take you to the latest version. See my project page on bitbucket for the latest information on MacBiff or to report issues: