Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2013-12-09 || License: Shareware (39.95) Developer: IObit | App Owner: iobit

MacBooster helps you speed up your OS X by RAM release, login optimization, and performance boost.

MacBooster is an easy-to-use yet powerful system utility for Mac OS users. Similar to Windows PCs, Mac computers also suffer from slow response, over occupied hard disks, difficulties in uninstalling apps, and other system issues. MacBooster can help users solve these issues with a simple one-click. It clears out junk files in the system, removes threats from the Internet, identifies big or duplicated files that take up large portion of hard disk, and helps you uninstall unwanted apps that won't easily go away. It is the ultimate tool you will need to keep your Mac machines running well. According to our online user survey, a large number of Mac users are bothered by a variety of system issues that may affect their system performance. Such issues include: hard disks taken up by binaries, cache files, log files and useless language files, RAM occupied by various 3rd party applications, difficult to uninstall apps, large or duplicate files filling the hard disk, and so on. MacBooster is designed to help Mac users with fixing such issues. It consists of a strong cleaning tool to clear out all of the unnecessary files that slow down system performance. It also includes a number of practical tools including a duplicate files finder, large and old files cleaner, an uninstaller, memory optimizer and startup applications organizer. Key Features: 1. Cleans unused binaries, cache files, log files, and language files to free up more disk space. 2. Swipes browsing history to protect users' privacy. 3. Finds and remove Mac viruses or malware. 4. Finds and remove duplicate files. 5. Removes useless large and old files. 6. Uninstalls apps that are hard to get rid of. 7. Re-organizes the apps that launch along with system startup to boost startup speed. 8. RAM cleaning and release.

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