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Version: 1.0.3 || Release Date: 2007-06-16 || License: Freeware Developer: Objx Development Inc | App Owner: factoryjoe

Mac Face is a facebook notification client for Mac OS X. Once installed onto your computer, Mac Face will notify you when you have new messages, pokes, friend requests and event invitations from facebook! The Mac Face menu lists your outstanding notifications and your friends, with quick links to all the important actions, like messaging and poking.

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You can uninstall it very easily! Its not too hard.
1 Just open a new finder window and search macface in the searchbar. If you don't see it there, you must have lion (I do) so click the "This Mac" search option and it will be there.
2 right click macface and click "show package content" on the drop down menu.
3 Delete the contents and Restart (It shouldn't be there after that)
4 ENJOY YOUR MACFACE FREE Mac forever after!

Does anyone know how to delete this application? It won't allow me to move to the trash without turning off the application, but I have no clue how to turn it off..

I can't recommend this application. It has a big ugly icon in the menu bar, carries advertising, uses up quite a lot of memory, is only marginally useful and requires using Activity Monitor or a related method to get Mac Face to quit (why not add Quit to the drop-down menu?) FMenu seems to be a better choice right now.

This will not make me leave FMenu.

I use this and find it very useful. While I'm at work and can't really open up the browser onto non-work websites very much. Mac Face together with Growl is excellent. I just got a growl alert telling me that a friend at got home, and then posted on my wall. No more browsing facebook while at work, I can just quickly visit. Of course I don't have to visit during work hours, but that's not the point :)
It can easily be un-installed by deleting it from your applications folder, like pretty much every other application.

factoryjoe: <a href=>link</a href>

Neither do I understand the reasoning behind making a desktop frontend for a free service that you can easily access on its own website. Sure, the choice is still up to the developer, and there's nothing bad about the app in all other respects (nice interface, great general/overall feel and so on). But by using Adware as a way of gaining revenue - especially on something like this - hardly ever lead to anything but a bitter aftertaste and sceptical feedback, at best; it's just the nature of the matter. Not-called-for advertising exudes greedyness and corporate mumbojumbo.

Ads? I don't see any ads in my version. Not quite sure what y'all are talking about? Point to a screenshot maybe?

super. just what i was looking for, a redundant ad-supported/shareware application that performs a task one could simply accomplish through using their web-browser! how innovative and original. i am totally going to pay to remove the ads from an unnecessary menubar item which offers access to a free social networking site that most people don't spend more than an hour using a week, right now! let me just find my debit card... not.

The ads in the menu bar.... right. Il be adding an option soon to register ( pay for ) the software, as well as the ability to disable the ads in the menu bar if the software has been registered. You should get an auto update within a week or so. There are a couple more features coming as well, including wall post notifications, friend status change notifications and thumbnails.

Ads? In a social website app? Never saw that one coming.
It's really not that hard to check your e-mail or log in.

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