Version: 7.0.13 || Release Date: 2013-10-06 || License: Shareware (49.00 USD) App Owner: marcus

MacFamilyTree offers all you would expect from an advanced genealogy application. MacFamilyTree will not only have you creating a crisp and clean overview of all your relations in a swift and stylish manner, but impressive graphics will make you want to put your pedigree on display even more.

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By far the best genealogy program I have come across on any platform: power, easy to use, and good with import/ export and publishing of information

Best interface of any Mac genealogy program. Nice feature set.

MacFamilyTree 5.5.2 from is available

@ajturner : too many tags kill tags ;) imho genealogy is enough as, in this context, it has the same meaning as the two you suggested.
However, I guess some people would search for "family" or "family history" when looking for genealogy apps, so these two words should be in the description (or comments).

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