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FUSE-compliant file system implementation mechanism.

MacFUSE is a FUSE-Compliant File System Implementation Mechanism for Mac OS X. MacFUSE implements a mechanism that makes it possible to implement a fully functional file system in a user-space program on Mac OS X (10.4 and above). It aims to be API-compliant with the FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace) mechanism that originated on Linux. Therefore, many existing FUSE file systems become readily usable on Mac OS X. The core of MacFUSE is in a dynamically loadable kernel extension.

How FUSE-compliant is MacFUSE? Well, enough so that many popular FUSE file systems can be easily compiled and work on Mac OS X--often out of the box. Examples of file systems that work have been tested (to varying degrees) include sshfs, ntfs-3g (read/write NTFS), ftpfs (read/write FTP), wdfs (WebDAV), cryptofs, encfs, bindfs, unionfs, beaglefs (yes, including the entire Beagle paraphernalia), and so on.

Now the first version of NTFS wrtiteable filesystem is available:

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Will there be some sort of installer at any time?

Is there any tutorial somewhere explaining how to use it with wdfs (WebDav)?

I just tried it out yesterday with SSHFS. Works like a charm. Yet another feature I was missing from KDE now works great on OSX. Even the Finder didn't crash after I lost my network connection (though I had to kill the sshfs process so it would come back from hanging)

> it works?

yes! got both ntfs-3g and sshfs up and running without a hitch

it works?

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