Version: 2.0.4 || Release Date: 2010-12-03 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Michael Gorbach | App Owner: mgorbach

Mount SSH/SFTP or FTP accounts as if they were local files.

MacFusion is an open source Mac application that allows you to work with files on servers across the internet, as if they were sitting on your computer. Macfusion presents a Volume in Finder, letting you use your favorite Mac applications to work with them. Macfusion works with SSH/SFTP and FTP servers.

More generally, Macfusion is a front-end to Gogole's MacFUSE software. Macfusion provides a plugin API to enable the creation of plugins for other FUSE filesystems.

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This isn't going to kill Fetch/Transmit/Cyberduck/YummyFTP/Fugu <insert your FTP client of choice> just yet...but with a little more time and a little more work, this could be many people's FTP access program of choice.

And for the record, I have the same problems jeby is having with my own university's FTP account; it'll mount my DriveHQ FTP account just fine, and it'll mount my university's online storage account via SSH, but not via FTP.

jeby ... thanks for letting me know about this bug. There are several people noting FTP connection issues of various sorts. The easiest way for me to fix this is if you can send me credentials for a limited account of some sort on your site (in private email of course). That way, I could quickly reproduce and narrow down the cause. I realize this is alot to ask (the site may be secure for a reason!), so if you can't give me a test account please contact me by email and I'll try to work through the debugging with you.

Glad you all like MacFusion :) Suggestions/bug reports/requests of all sorts welcome .. here, in the google group, or to my email.

it's incredible! The Finder is able to mount the FTP server, MacFusion not! Althought i type the correct password, it says to me "Failed mount: enter host password" ecc...

I've a problem with password... how can i insert the password for an ftp account? I try to mount an FTP account but the growl notification says me: "Failed mount: enter host password" yes, but where?
But with another ftp account everything works...

Cool idea. Makes me wonder what the point of FTP programs is anymore. After using this for a bit (if it works well), I may very well dump mine!

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