Version: 1.6.7 || Release Date: 2014-01-11 || License: Commercial with demo (19.95) Developer: MacPaw | App Owner: kosovans

Cutting edge solution to hide your private data

MacHider is an industry-leading product aimed at hiding your confidential information from third parties or other unwanted eyes. Our user-friendly application makes sure all of your personal files and folders will be protected by unique case sensitive passwords and stored in a place known to you only. To find and view files selected for protection by you we implemented Leopard's quick view technology. You private files and folders can be organized into groups so you may easily and quickly locate them whenever you need and perform hiding operations with them. MacHider integrates in Finder so you can put our of sight or show files by simple selection of required option on the menu.

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Unfortunately, MacHider doesn't support Tiger.

Is there a version of machider for OSX 10.4.11?