Version: || Release Date: 2010-01-08 || License: Freeware App Owner: supermike

MacIrssi is a powerful, free of charge, open source IRC client. It combines the power of the irssi engine with an elegant and flexible GUI.

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I love this application. It's just like IRSSI (which I know and love), except all of the different dialogs and configuration settings are available in an elegant Cocoa interface.

since MacIrssi has become abandonware, someone else took over the project. it is now version and can be downloaded here: - someone should also change the homepage to

If you use this app, you have no idea what irssi is/like irssi. If you like it for itself, then it should be renamed. It is a great mistake to call this MacIrssi although that may be the code base.

Oh I really love this neat little app :D It's so functional and looks so nice :D

Is it just me or is the homepage linke always down?

It just works.
That's why I like it!

i like how it uses the irssi configs so i can edit the configs more comfortably! very simple and sleek UI design.