Version: MacJournal 5.1.2 || Release Date: 2008-12-15 || License: Commercial with demo ($34.95) Developer: Mariner Software | App Owner: alangenh

MacJournal is the world's most popular journaling software for the Macintosh. Create a personal journal with two level security (password protection and encryption), record daily ideas, manage to do's and export them to multiple file formats, generate blogs to any of the popular blogging services or .mac account. Even record audio and podcast! MacJournal has the power and functionality to do it all.

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I really enjoy using MacJournal as storage for notes on ongoing projects. Really nice piece of software.

Freaking Awesome!!!

Organize everything you write into this little mixed app. It's like a time-capsule magazine where you can rewind time. AWESOME.

Very good app. I liked Journler better, but now that the developer has discontinued it, MacJournal is the best option out there. Hoping another company picks up Journler & I can switch back.

I like it for taking notes in class. Both for taking notes for that day and for writing a page on a certain topic that can then be wiki-linked to other pages. I can also export the RTF files and archive them later.

A good program.

I recently purchased MacJournal (via MacUpdate) and I'm really liking it. It's the perfect Digital Moleskine: tasks, notes, calendar, quick writing (love the full screen and the html export), basic research...

Unfortunately, the company behind MacJournal is the infamous Mariner Software ...
but the developer, Dan Schimpf, is a good guy, development is active and he is responsive. Dan's only crime was selling the thing to Mariner. Dan has a website ... try and deal with him.

Here is email I recently sent to this company:

"I was considering updating my copy of MacJournal, but will now only consider alternatives such as Journler. When I went to look at the MacJournal 5 manual, I was reminded that your company wants to harvest the email address of anyone showing any interest in your products, and send them unwanted mail. I know of no other company that wants a verified email address to download the manual for a product. After I remembered this unpleasantness, I remembered that your director of marketing has been sending me junk email for some time- without the courtesy of an opt-out url. I'm not doing business with you again."

I use it for all my writing at Ars Technica. Fantastic app.

Scrollbar fixed. Muchos gracias!

It's cheaper than most of the other info-trackers and better! Well worth the cover price!!

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