Version: 3.4.2 || Release Date: 2015-01-01 || License: Shareware (39,95$) Developer: ZeoBIT LLC | App Owner: sergezeobit

MacKeeper is all-in-one system utility - like 911 for your Mac.

MacKeeper is like 911 for your Mac. It's an easy way to manage routine tasks and keep your Mac secured, clean, reliable, fast and attended! Simple and powerful, this app will make work easier for beginners and give more flexibility to experts.

Why MacKeeper? You will never have to complain about lack of disk space, slow system performance, accidental file loss, privacy breaches, or be confused with any Mac-related questions.

What’s inside?
- Security: Antivirus, Anti-Theft.
- Data Control: Data Encryptor, Undelete, Backup, Shredder.
- Cleaning: Fast Cleanup, Disk Usage, Duplicates Finder, Files Finder, Wise Uninstaller.
- Optimization: Update Tracker, Login items, Default Apps.
- Geek on Demand, personal 24/ support.

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21 Opinions

Had this App for a While it's a fairly decent Application which cleared a lot of wasted space on my MacBook, and have installed the AntiVirus portion of the App which seems to be working well. But also a downside of this App is that it can be kind of buggy at times. But so far I would say it is worth the money that I payed for it.

just bought it

This is the best of any other full-coverage apps I've ever
encountered. I wish it came in a backup disc for re-installation. I'd highly recommend this app for ANY MAC user or LAN, WAN administrator.....++++++++

A fine refine tool...up to now has been very good...and many extras...sure it cost$ ..but so what...

Just bought the MacKeeper on the 7th Jan 2011 after evaluating other utilities. It's an effective tool to own and the only one out there, trust me. My MBA and iMac performances have been improved substantially. Their online chat support team is excellent and I could not not asked for more. This is a great tool must be seriously consider if you are serious about what to be installed in your machine.

The app has a decent look, but is incredibly buggy and is very hard to get rid of. I better stay with Onyx…

I completely love MacKeeper. The anti-virus integration not only looks for known mac virus' but also uses wine to search for hidden window virus sleeping on your computer. I also love that it will remove the unnecessary bloat from applications i.e. extra languages and universal binaries. The update tracker does a great job at monitoring known applications and providing direct links to the updates online. The login items is great for speeding up your computer and the default apps has saved me quit some time in not having to right click and choose an application every time I want to watch a .mov file in vlc and other sorts. I feel secure with the anti-theft that will tell you the location of your mac and snap a picture of the user if your mac is stolen. Data encryption and shredder are also useful. Overall I'm happy with the $30 I spent on it.

hmmm... I'll stick with Cocktail or Main Menu...

Sketchy, to say the least.

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