Version: 1.6.2 || Release Date: 2009-12-02 || License: Shareware ($199 / $79) Developer: Orbicule BVBA | App Owner: hanan

Organize, edit, analyse, adjust, annotate and pulish microscopic images

Macnification is a workflow solution for digital electron microscopy. It enables scientists to organize, find, annotate, analyze, adjust, compare and publish microscopic images.

All major image file formats can be imported into Macnification, as well as their metadata, which are presented in a fully customizable view. A full-screen image view allows for measurements and for non-destructive image adjustments. Measurement results can be exported to spreadsheet applications with a single click. In addition, Macnification offers an innovative stack view built on top of Core Animation, providing a stunning way to visualize image stacks and to make virtual cuts through them. Macnification also leverages Core Image to offer the fastest EFI algorithm on any platform.

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Yes, good app. However, the only lake is it's focus stacking algorithm. Helicon Focus does it with better luck.

Macnification wins Apple Desing Award 2008 for Best Mac OS X Leopard User Experience:
Working with scientific images has never been easier or more rewarding than with Macnification 1.0, the new scientific image management solution for Mac OS X Leopard. Analogous to an Aperture for digital microscopy, Macnification helps scientists, engineers, and academicians import, organize, annotate, analyze, modify, compare, and publish huge volumes of microscopic images in a wide variety of formats...