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The MacPorts Project's main goal is to provide an easy way to install various open-source software products on the Darwin OS family (OpenDarwin, Mac OS X and Darwin)

There are currently about 6364 completed and usable ports, with more being added on a regular basis. You can track recently added ports by subscribing to the macports-changes mailing list.

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Port Authority v1.0 was the last free version. It's not great, but does work for listing available and installed ports if you really need a GUI and don't want to pay (does require X11).
One place I've found it available:

The only problem with MacPorts or Fink I have is that they take up too much space with the default install (and update). I only want it to download the packages that I need, when I need them, for the application that needs them to compile.

I don't want it to sync and download all of them just to have them lying around / and using up my precious drive. (Powerbook w/ 80GB drive. Not enough by a long shot.)

I hope I'm missing something. Please correct me.

Nothing quite compares to the sheer power of Portage (Gentoo Linux for the uninitiated), but I find this useful for building chrooted test webservers...

There's a GUI interface to it called "Port Authority" but it's a commercial app built with Tcl\Tk which means it probably looks and handles like crap. I'm not sure I'm ready to pay for something like this anyway. The developer used to offer a free no-nags version that looked ugly but worked identically.

Port Authority
"The download is a 30-day demo; you can purchase a license to use the program past the 30-day trial period."

GUI package manager like FinkCommander available for this?

A great package system. Recently renamed to MacPorts.

Pretty much the cleanest, sexiest package mangement system ever to exist.

Much better than fink.

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