Version: 2.4 || Release Date: 2007-04-24 || License: Commercial with demo (24.95 USD) App Owner: mcmaniac

MacScan detects, isolates, and removes spyware applications such as keystroke loggers, and trojan horses to protect your Macintosh. A cookie scanner removes blacklisted tracking cookies without removing saved usernames or passwords. MacScan cleans Internet files, cookies and history. Keep up-to-date with live downloadable spyware definitions and product updates.
I was really surprised about the amount of files, which I never expected on a Mac. The demo will expire after 15 days.

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Just as a check I downloaded this ,and when I was done I couldn't help but think what if this application maybe malicious to my computer-seems like a microsoft spy app....took it off as fast as I had put it on

you know what, there are a small handful of "malicious" softwares which target mac os x, but i am not going to pay an odd 25$ to keep myself "safe", "safe", "safe", which is why i use ClamXav, to scan anything that looks sketchy or has been sent to me from a windows computer. if there really was a "threat" which was becoming problematic or widespread in anyway, apple would most likely provide its users with software to remedy the situation. these "threats" are just too vague at this point to worry, and if you do worry at all, dont shell out the twenty-five bucks, just use a free alternative like the software i mentioned a couple of lines back. safe safe not safe safe safe not safe safe.

It's just a matter of time before threats and problems become a typical household issue like any other ms system, and that's when this company gets a good laugh. Better to get a hold of it now than get frustrated later.

I recommend this reading; , before purchasing this. In my opnion, trying not to be naïve about the existence of such threats out there, this application isn't at all necessary. And the thing with "amount of files", seems like a cheap argument, which this program is not.