Version: 1.0 beta || Release Date: 2007-06-23 || License: Freeware Developer: Brian Hill | App Owner: bug

MacSniffer is a front end to the built-in 'tcpdump' packet sniffer on Mac OS X. MacSniffer allows you to view all of the traffic on a network connection, such as ethernet.

MacSniffer includes a filter editing interface and a filter library to easily construct and reuse packet filters to view a subset of all the traffic on the connection, such as just that destined for a specific host or port.

You can choose the level of detail you want captured, from just the minimal packet headers (showing source and destination hosts and ports) up to a full hex and ASCII dump of the packet contents.

MacSniffer can be useful for diagnosing many network problems, debugging client/server programs, and scanning for particular network exploits in real time.

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3 Opinions

The "about" for this program says Copyright 2001 Brian R. Hill. Is this program really really old, or has the guy been working on it for a looong time, or what?

Not freeware. It's only free while in beta, after which period it costs $15.

Like the idea of this, but no matter what ethernet interface I select, it doesn't show any output (using default settings and pressing "start"). And yes I did an ifconfig on the command line to check what the Airport interface ID was (en1) to make sure I was selecting the right one in MacSniffer preferences.