Macsome Audio Editor

Version: 1.1.0 || Release Date: 2009-10-25 || License: Freeware Developer: Macsome Inc. | App Owner: macsome

As a powerful audio editor freeware, Macsome Audio Editor supports easily and quickly editing MP3 or AAC on Mac OS X. With Macsome AudioEditor, you can quickly cut and trim audio, as well as split files. It works with compressed MP3 and AAC formats to edit without the quality loss caused by other editors. Get perfect quality audio when editing natively in the MP3, AAC formats. You can also use it to make Ringtons for iPhone, or any other phone which support MP3 or AAC file as its ringtone. And you can also use it to remove any unwanted part or ads from audio files. You can add ID Tags for the audio file you saved to disk. ID Tags including Song Name, Artist, Album Name, etc. The most of all , it is a freeware, free to use software, free to upgrade.

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1 Opinion

I've tried Macsome AudioEditor for a few hours.
I must say the interface is nice. But the app has a few bugs.
No matter how hard I tried with all possible options, I was unable to export a file with the correct constant rate of 128 kbytes/sec. I always got completely different byterates (192, 177, etc.). Never 128.
I also had a couple of crashes when quitting the app.
And unfortunately the app accepts only MP3 or AAC files. (So, no FLAC, Ogg, etc.)
Pity... I hoped I could replace Audacity with something with a better look. Maybe in a future version...
Thank you for making it free.