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The DVD ripping tool for OS X.

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@Talguy: nope, just ripping. It has the capability to remove UOPs (the things that disable fast-forward and whatnot during copyright warnings and ads and whatnot), but other than that it's just a ripper.

Does MTR compress the dvd so that i can fit on a 4.7gb dvd-r like dvd shrink for windows does

Nice and fast with lots of fiddly bits and options.

I found this especially great because I didn't have time to wait for the Handbrake rip/encode process that can sometimes take hours and won't give you your DVD back until it's done. Sometimes that's no problem, but with MacTheRipper you can just dump the data off the disc and encode it later, or just play the VIDEO_TS folder with VLC or something.

I don't like handbrake because it changes the format! (backup copy will not play on a standard dvd player)

Does anybody know if there are any plans for an Universal Bianry version of MacTheRipper?

Here you go:

MacTheRipper is a free DVD ripper (extractor) for Mac OS X. It can extract commercial DVD movies to your hard drive, minus all the copy protections and region controls put in place by DVD publishers. You can then use various tools to burn the movie back to DVD-R for use in DVD players, or convert the movie to different formats for playback with a variety of devices. and it works great to backup my DVDs BECAUSE KIDS HAPPEN.

I use it. I love it. It has NEVER failed for me. And I like being able to encode DVDs off my HD instead of directly from the disk.

All it does is rip (and usually remove UOPs), and it does it very well. Great little app, it gets a lot of use from me.

@djheron :
MTR 3.0 will be universal. It's currently in (closed) beta test. Hopefully it won't take too long for the final version to be released.

Occasionally handy. I use HandBrake most of the time.

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