MacUpdate Desktop

Version: 6.0.6 || Release Date: 2015-05-20 || License: Shareware (20.00 USD ) Developer: MacUpdate | App Owner: dp88

Keep all your Mac software automatically updated.

MacUpdate Desktop combines the latest Mac OS X technologies with MacUpdate’s exhaustive app database to deliver the most comprehensive updating tool of its kind. Keep your Mac’s software updated and secure like never before. Easy and automatic updating of over 30,000 Mac apps.

What’s New:

  • Applications installed from Apple's Mac App Store will launch App to update
  • Launch menu option enabled - run apps directly from MacUpdate Desktop
  • Apps purchased from MacUpdate Promo are now listed in the Community section for easy downloading and installing
  • Improved bad match and new app reporting
  • Improved version matching
  • Improved application matching
  • Bugfix - processing updates does not complete in rare cases
  • Bugfix - setting version to current would not work in certain rare cases
  • Bugfix - "skipped" apps show the incorrect version number if they are installed while still being skipped
  • Bugfix - More Info button does not work for some watch list apps
  • Other performance improvements
  • Other UI changes
  • Other bug fixes

Visit the MacUpdate Desktop feature page for more info:

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12 Opinions

Oh, I thought they had updated it, but no...

This app should be - to MacUpdate's credit - a rather embarrassing piece of software. Development on MacUpdate Desktop is rare or next to non-existent, and it's buggy (lots of crashes, etc.).

Do they think they can fight AppFresh which this?

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