Version: 7.3-53 || Release Date: 2010-08-17 || License: GPL Developer: Bjorn Winckler | App Owner: alpha

MacVim is a port of the text editor Vim to Mac OS X that is meant to look better and integrate more seamlessly with the Mac than the existing Carbon port of Vim. It has support for:

* Safari style tabs
* Multiple windows: use "Application windows" Exposé and Cmd-` to switch between windows
* Client/server (+clientserver): use the --remote switch and friends to open files; script the server with remote_send() et al.
* GUI Dialogs: with keyboard shortcuts, no need to use the mouse anymore!
* Toolbar
* Font panel: access to all of your fonts, proportional fonts render with fixed advancement
* Multibyte: with automatic font substitution for wide characters
* Input methods: use Mac OS X input methods to input non-English languages
* and more...

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8 Opinions

I'm all over this piece of editor these days. MacVim is a mighty awesome Vim(plementation).

Personal preference (using a MacBook Pro):

- Have Caps Lock act as Escape key (using PCKeyboard Hack)
- Have Function key act as Left Control key (using KeyRemap4MacBook)

You can get new builds of MacVim from Github. Download from

Awesome app. Runs on my iMac 24/7.

Best incarnation of the best text editor ever made, and a good Mac citizen too (scroll bars/cut&paste/etc). I use it all day, every day, for editing source code, email, web pages, and the like. Vi does have a fairly steep learning curve, but it's well worth the effort. Extensible in VimScript/Python/Ruby, has extensive built-in help, and support for coding in nearly every programming language.

How MacVim is awesome. I am happy man again.

MacVim is great and the project is going quite well anyone who can chip in check out

For years, "Carbon Vim," or gvim, has been the least Mac-like app in heavy use on my Mac, and as a bit of a GUI purist, it's been a constant source of frustration for me. Not overwhelming, hair-tearing frustration, mind you, just enough to take a couple nanometers off my molars. When gvim recently developed a tendency to stall for three seconds after every fifteenth character I typed -- probably because of something that was my fault, but whatevs -- I was fixin' to jump ship to TextMate, obscure keybinding training and muscle memory be damned.

Then I was checking out MacUpdate today and what should I see but this. <em>A choir of angels sang, I swear.</em> Would it be fair to say I prematurely got my hopes up? Yes, it would. But MacVim has lived up to my every expectation. Suddenly the text editor that flouts every HIG known to man is a good citizen. Hallelujah.

I hear one of the recent snapshots has a fullscreen mode. I gather also that Bram Moolenaar is keeping an eye on this. Mac gvim guys, thanks for all your hard work. Time to pack it in and put your efforts behind Bjorn Winckler, my new favorite programmer.

As a testimonial to MacVim I would like to say that I've just finished
writing my thesis (mathematics, written with LaTeX) using MacVim, and
didn't have any issues using it. It works like a charm, is nicely
designed and pleasant to use.