Version: 2.4.2 || Release Date: 2012-10-21 || License: Freeware Developer: Vlad Alexa | App Owner: valexa

Gestures and configuration options for the Apple Magic Mouse

MagicPrefs is a free menubar and preference pane application for OSX which aims to improve the functionality and configuration options of the Apple Magic Mouse.

It features the ability to bind a variable number of finger clicks, taps, swipes, pinch and other gestures to functions like Middle Click , Hold Down Both Mouse Buttons , Spaces , Expose, Dashboard, MagicMenu etc.

Touch Sensitivity implements a single point control for a number of factors impacting the algorithms of the taps, swipes, pinche and other gestures.
Tracking Speed adds the ability to increase the maximum mouse speed by a extra 200%.

Also featured is a real-time display of the fingers touching the surface of the mouse that you can enable to test and monitor the way the mouse sees your input.

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3 Opinions

I had begun to hate my Magic Mouse, as scrolling was triggered too easy in Photoshop, gCal etc. MagicPrefs helped me regain mental sanity: I disabled single-finger scrolling, then enabled two-finger scrolling. Win!

(Can’t beat the price, also!)

This is a must have app for Magic Mouse owners. Unlocks the full potential of the device.

is anyone having trouble with VirtualBox once MagicPrefs is installed? I installed MagicPrefs and my mouse went hay-wirer in VM (Windows 7 guest).