Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2009-03-03 || License: Freeware Developer: pcwiz Computer and jivhg/Alex Zielenski | App Owner: factoryjoe

Leopard theme manager.

Magnifique is a theme manager unlike any other, lightweight, a good variety of themes to choose from, and some devoted developers to fix whatever you want as soon as possible.

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Do not use the current version of Magnifique (2.1) with Snow Leopard. It will, in all likelihood, damage your system and necessitate a reinstall of the OS. Before using this software, make sure the authors have eliminated the compatibility issues.

I was searching for a simple soft like thiiiis! It's near the perfect software for changing the aspect of my leopard for me.

Finally the long wait has an end - Leopard can be themed now very easily.

Magnifique works like a charm for me and it makes such a difference for all eye candy lovers working with a Mac (and Leopard) :-))

Especially with the beautiful Aqua Inspiriat theme applied with Magnifique I couldn't live any more...

@geotaylor , the issue was with the theme you applied (Kiss Me Modded). The theme has since been removed from our repository.

Just my luck but I'm putting this warning out for others that might have the same experience. I installed Magnifique 2.0 last night. I then used it to install an included theme. I logged out and back in my screen was a solid bright grey. Was it Magnifique or the theme? I dunno. But there is a fix. Zielenski helped me out with a solution on the Magnifique forum.