Mail Act-On

Version: 3.1.2 || Release Date: 2014-11-17 || License: Shareware ($20) App Owner: kjmatthews

Plug-in to Apple's to attach keystrokes to mail rules.

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I'm using the 1.x version (freeware) and it works well in Leopard (10.5.6). Very handy.

Mail Act-On is back and better than ever!

I used to live by this app in but problem in Leopard forced me to stop using it (sometimes just wouldn't work). Can anyone say if these issues have been resolved or is it still a little buggy in Leopard?

This has become an essential tool for managing my inbox. A few times a day, I simply scroll through each email and either reply to the message or quickly type in a command to file the message (such as /a to send a mail to my 'archive' folder). Spend ten minutes designing your own rules when you install this, and you'll save yourselves hours of time in the long run.

Another app that I can't live without. A couple keystrokes, and messages get sorted easily. Getting the Inbox to empty is fun with this. Together with MailTags, I feel like an email ninja.

if you use apple's mail app, this is indispensable. highly recommended for quick sorting of email, no better way to keep your in-box empty.

So simple to use and ultimately so flexible. I used to have about 40 rules in Mailsmith and then when this came out I ended up switching back to Mail.

Now in Mail, bar a few subscription emails, everything goes into the Inbox and the are then processed using this. The ability to decide email per email means that not only are my emails sorted and organised, they are actually dealt with as well.

If you're a GTD'er, it's essential and a great tool in getting the Inbox to empty.