Version: build 150 || Release Date: 2010-06-24 || License: Freeware App Owner: mcgpp

Mail.appetizer is a plug-in for Apple's Mail and integrates seamlessly. The moment a new message is received, Mail.appetizer displays an onscreen notification window. It gives you a brief summary of the message, so you can determine whether the message requires your immediate attention.

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@thalantas high virtual memory usage for a garbage collected application is normal, the real memory is what you should look at.

Am I the only one using the snow leopard version that feel like this app is eating way too much virtual memory ? (more than 300Mo).

1.3b1 works in Leopard :) Hooray.

Unfortunately the fix only restores notification -- the ability to delete an incoming e-mail from the notification screen doesn't work....that was a key feature for me. I wish I hadn't upgraded to Leopard -- its 300 so-called features don't make up for the loss of Mail.appetizer. I'm not joking.

I got the fix gribskov talked about to work. Just follow those directions exactly!

Tips from the web :

A workaround was posted to the Mail.appetizer mailing list to use it under 10.5 :

1. Ensure that is not running.

2. Launch Terminal and enter these two commands:

defaults write EnableBundles 1
defaults write BundleCompatibilityVersion 3

3. Move the Mail.appetizer bundle from the folder ~/Library/Mail/Bundles (Disabled) back to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles.

4. Launch -- all should be well again.

Don't work for me, have you try this ?

Not compatible with leopard unfortunately.

I was considering using Mail Badger, but found this tool to be much nicer. Plus, it doesn't ask for administrative access to install. :)

I pray that the author updates Mail.appetizer for Leopard when it's launched. It's at the top of my "must have" list.

So ... perfect. If it were to fade in, it would be MORE perfect, but this plugin is already superb, makes me proud to own a mac!

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