Mail Archiver X

Version: 2.5.2 || Release Date: 2010-06-05 || License: Shareware (34,95 $) Developer: Beatrix Willius | App Owner: beatrixwillius

Archive, clean, browse mail

For many people email has effectively replaced snail mail. More and more emails land daily in your inbox. However, the basic handling and storage of emails has stayed the same since the day email was invented. Mail Archiver sets out to help you with the storage of emails.

What to do with Mail Archiver X?

- Keep your mails at one place.
- Exchange your mail archive with others or use archives as a backup.
- Read your mail, after you have changed your mail application.
- Filter out garbage.

Benefits of Mail Archiver X

- Mail Archiver X uses the fastest available database Valentina from Paradigma Software.
- Mail Archiver X is the only mail archival application, which also offers cleaning of mails.
- Mail Archiver X utilizes a hypbrid approach with AppleScript. AS is only used where required, which makes Mail Archiver X much faster than comparable applications.

Therefore Mail Archiver X is the perfect companion to your mail application.

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