Mail Badger

Version: 0.4 || Release Date: 2009-01-13 || License: Freeware Developer: Tony Allevato | App Owner: mcgpp

Mail Badger is a plug-in for Apple's that enhances the application's dock icon by allowing users to set up multiple "badges" that display message counts from different mailboxes or counts of messages that satisfy a wide range of conditions.

A brief summary of the features included in Mail Badger:

* Supports any number of badges, limited only by available memory and performance
* Complete control and freedom over the position and size of badges on the dock icon
* Badges can be colorized and made partially transparent
* Users can set their own custom images to be used on badges (Mail Badger comes with four built-in shapes)
* Configurable fonts and other text attributes for the number displayed on each badge
* Message counts displayed on each badge can be computed from the number of messages in a mailbox (unread, read, or total), from the number of messages that satisfy a set of conditions, or by the result of running AppleScript

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Looks like DockStar, but cheaper and more configurable.

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