Version: 5 || Release Date: 2007-04-26 || License: Freeware Developer: earthlingsoft | App Owner: ssp

Mailboxer will take contacts from your address book and create Smart Mailboxes for them in Apple’s Mail. Each of those Smart Mailboxes will contain all e-mails you exchanged with any of the e-mail addresses of that contact.

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ups never mind. Just figured out how to do group-folders ;)

you can choose how the target fodler should be named. But it's a shame that again you can only few the individual folders. The mails are not shown in the parent folder "work" :(

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Of course this could be done manually but then again this is not the point of this app, is it?

Does anybody know how this behaves when data in Address Book is changed/added. Will it update existing smart folders smoothly when being run again?

I think it's nice. But the killer feature to me would be if you where able to create ONE smart folder for a Address Book group. In example: if you have a group "work" you could choose wether you want to create a smart folder for each individual or a smart folder named "work" with all the addresses of this group (maybe a smart folder with all the indiviadual contacts inside).

I think it's brilliant. :)

I like it. Does exactly what it says and its freeware