Version: 3.0.1 || Release Date: 2008-07-27 || License: Freeware Developer: MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

maileR is a small Application for people who don´t use So they can use Webmail just like a small and very fast application. In the new version you can now specify your own custom Webmail Service or every other Service (URL) you may want to use (like Apple Stock, your WordPress Login, your Mint Stats or your own Homepage).

100% Google, Yahoo, AOL, ... compatible.

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Shares cookies with Safari apparently, eg: if you log into google with maileR, you'll be logged into google in Safari too. Same if you logout...

The return to the old formula: small window, nice interface and able to remember its position on screen.
And, above all, maileR works very well.
Thank you, dear developer, for listening to what users say.

This new version (1.3) looks and behaves just like any ordinary browser.
For this, I don't need another browser. I may access Gmail and Yahoo Mail with Safari or Camino or Firefox or...
The small window, with a nice toolbar, of the previous version is also gone.
And everytime I launch maileR, it is not able to remember the size and the position of the window. The window always appears to the left of the screen and with its maximum size. I have to resize it and move it manualy to the center of the screen.
Dear developer: Please bring back the look and the beheaviour of the previous version!
There's (almost) nothing to distinguish this version 1.3 from any other browser.

maybe I should call my advocat...

I am using this sort of icons long time before Adobe came out with the new CS3 icons or before I heard from mozy - maybe I become very rich...


Slight problem there that the icon is almost exactly the same as's icon and logo..

Problem solved!
Now I'm able to enter the Yahoo Mail address and maileR retains it.
But the second problem that I mention in my previous post (2007-04-23) remains. The "Delete" button does nothing if you try to delete one single message from the messages list. But if you open that message, then it works.
(But this problem is not really important.)

I have forgotten one button - now it works fine - thanks for the advice

Ohhh - I am working on it :-))

but Yahoo (Standard) works for me - the Beta from Yahoo does not support WebKit - so you cant use it even with Safari :-(

No, the problemas with Yahoo! Mail are not fixed. On the contrary... They're worse now than they were with the previous version of maileR.
This new version of maileR doesn't even accept the Yahoo Mail web address. It remains in Gmail's page always. And there's nothing I can do than can move it from Gmail.
I have selected severeal times the window in which the address must be inserted, but it reverts always to the Gmail address. And even when I write the Yahoo Mail address in the address bar, nothing happens. maileR remains always in Gmail.
This way, maileR has no use for me!

Problems with Yahoo should be fixed...

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