Version: 0.9.8 || Release Date: 2010-12-23 || License: Shareware ($39.95) Developer: Benny Kjær Nielsen | App Owner: giovanni

An email client which is fast, with no whistles and that supports IMAP.

MailMate is an ambitious new email client for Mac OS X. Search

All message headers and text bodies are indexed and are available for making advanced searches
Multiple ways to easily use displayed names, subjects, dates and more to quickly search for related messages
Easily extend a set of messages with messages from the same thread/discussion
Any search can be stored as a smart mailbox
Search for specific body parts (images, pdf-files, embedded messages, etc.)
Command-line program for alternative access to the database of messages (emate)

Easily move messages to any other mailbox using only a few keystrokes
Mute messages in order to automatically handle later incoming related messages (they are marked as read and moved to the same location as their muted parents)
Dynamically created sub-mailboxes which can, e.g., be used to automatically display all mailing list messages in separate smart mailboxes
Server-side mailbox subscriptions supported
Client-side mailbox subscriptions supported
File-based commands for automatically moving or changing the flags of messages (experimental)

Easily switch between mailboxes using only a few keystrokes
Standard universal mailboxes.
Special mailbox containing all messages
Special mailbox containing all message body parts (MIME)
Navigation history similar to web browsers
Multiple dock and/or menu bar counters
Possible use of scripts for altering displayed body text

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