Version: 4.1.5 || Release Date: 2014-11-17 || License: Shareware ($29.95) App Owner: smorr

The revolutionary enhancement that transforms Apple's Mail into a powerful email organization system. Add metadata tags such as project, keywords, due date, to your email. Create Smart Mailboxes and perform searches for your tags.

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7 Opinions

Quite useful. Unfortunately it is still buggy and sometimes eats memory like crazy (>4GB).

On and off using this. Nice tool, but sometimes I spend more time tagging than saving during search through Spotlight.
Also: still has problems tagging in an IMAP environment, generates LOTS of duplicates.

I am on and off using this. Does it save you more time than it takes to label stuff?
Also genrating lots of duplicates if you assign tags on a rule base in an IMAP environment.

awesome awesome awesome --- best way to tame and really use your inbox as a major db or organizing tool. also great with mailacton.

I use it, but it is a bit buggy. I have crashes now from time to time-- especially when trying to modify tags of multiple emails.

Rather helpful to add that it states to be donationware but really is shareware (as in, limited use until donation).

incredible productivity tool. helps me out immensely.