Version: 2.1.2 || Release Date: 2011-04-02 || License: Shareware ($20) Developer: creativebe | App Owner: junkie

Speed up your Mac

MainMenu is a powerful maintenance tool to keep your Mac running like new, packed in a slick and simple interface. Improve application performance, make searching faster and speed up your disk access.

Run your Mac faster
Clean caches to improve application performance, rebuild your Spotlight library for faster search, and repair disk permissions for faster disk access.

Batch tasks
Save time by grouping your common maintenance tasks into convenient batches.

Easy to use
MainMenu sits readily available in your system menu so you have all the functionality right at your fingertips.

For pros only
Clean log files, remove temporary files, flush the DNS cache, disable and enable the Dashboard, and remove corrupted preferences files.

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13 Opinions

MainMenu price is now $15. MainMenu Pro at $19 has more maintenance functions. Because it's very convenient to use, and is very customizable, I actually do maintenance, so the cost seems worth it.

Version 2.11 trial is very annoying nagware. Seriously, you need to tell me twice a day for ~20 days that I need to buy it? Nope. /Applications/ -> Move to Trash.

Yeah, this was a great app before… It's still a great app, but now it costs $20, which seems over-the-top for an app of this level. $10, I probably would've paid for it, but it's not worth $20 in my mind…

MainMenu is now shareware. 20$. Damn...

very nice app!

While Mainmenu is no Cocktail, it's certainly worth trying. What I like most is that it's easily accessed by the menubar. :)

MainMenu is a great application, and by far the most safe and easier to use of all mantainance apps. I doubt if the latest version is already leopard compatible (the homepage states that it's compatible with Mac OSX 10.4.10).

I've been using this application since at least 10.2. I've tried Onyx and a couple of other system maintenance tools and come back to MainMenu every time. It does everything I am looking for and makes each task very accessible. The version checking can be slightly annoying, but overall this is the best app in it's class.

I love this application! It sits very tidily within my taskbar and is at hand when I need it - no need to launch a separate application!

It's very quick and has enabled me to free up lots of room on my mac, over a GB (removing .DS files). I was shocked this was freeware to be honest! I went to the site, looking for a donation option, but couldn't find one. Perhaps an idea, for those of us who would like to buy you a beer to say thanks?

Thanks and kudos to the developers =)

What haid says is true... Fortunately, however, the devs seem to release new versions pretty quickly after the OS gets updated.. Great little program!

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