MarbleBlast Platinum

Version: 1.12 || Release Date: 2008-12-13 || License: Freeware Developer: Phil'sEmpire | App Owner: me_myself

MarbleBlast Platinum is an outstanding mod to the puzzle-racing game MarbleBlast Gold by GarageGames. With hundreds of levels and new features, this free mod is a must.

This freeware requires the game MarbleBlast Gold to successfully install, available for $20 USD at

MarbleBlast Platinum is a completely new mod to the puzzle-racing game, MarbleBlast Gold, by GarageGames. Some noteworthy features include the following:

~ Achievements - Complete specific tasks to unlock these and earn 'Award Points' which contribute to your general rating. Achievements in normal game-play do not give any points and are unique to that sector.

~ Marble Selector - You can personalize Marble Blast by choosing from a range of marbles from a map of the globe to a 3-D marble to a giant "bonker" marble; you'll never get bored of seeing the same marble again.

~ Replay Center - Record replays of your runs, and watch them later! No more laggy screen recording so you can easily upload to YouTube to quickly share replays with the world!

~ Level Editor - No more $testcheats=1; you can activate the level editor just in the menu.

~ Custom Resolution - Why play with the default resolutions when you can choose your preferred resolution? Choose between all the resolutions supported by your computer and enjoy Marble Blast the way you want to.

~ Tip of the Day, Easter Eggs, Checkpoints, Teleporters, Random Power-up, Level Search, new songs and much much more!

In addition, 120 levels are included, with easy access to thousands more custom levels that are available online.

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1 Opinion

This game rocks! I've played it since it first came out and I can't stop! Best arcade game ever.