Version: 2.5 || Release Date: 2007-11-19 || License: GPL Developer: David Symonds | App Owner: dsymonds

MarcoPolo uses fuzzy logic and rule-based matching to make educated guesses as to your current location, and automatically switches to the correct network location. It can match on discoverable Bluetooth devices, attached FireWire devices, assigned IP addresses, attached USB devices and visible WiFi networks, and can trigger various actions such as executing or opening a file, changing your default printer, running a shell script, or toggling your WiFi or Bluetooth.

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This great app has been forked and fixed for Lion as "ControlPlane"


The 2.5.1 for 10.6 that @s_adams posted seems to work fine for me.

The absence of an official build for Snow Leopard and apparent problems with the 10.6.2 update are disconcerting, though otherwise the app looks great. Will keep an eye out for updates.

Two additional versions are available:

2.5.1 (2009/9/2 OS X.6 "Snow Leopard" only) User-contributed bug fix. Download from

3.0b3 (2008/3/22) Beta version. See

once you get the use of contexts it can be very powerful. Takes a couple of days to get used to it though

The homepage has a a bit outdated comparison with similar programs (MarcoPolo vs Home Zone, NetworkLocation and Location X)

Sorry, that's very temporary (my web host is relocating). Please try again in a few hours.

Hmm, the nameservers for the domain are currently unreachable, (at least for me), so I can't download.

Does anyone have an alternate link ?

I'm reading the above comments about people that were having issues about aspects of it being unclear or clumsy. I've only just started using it today, but I was able to set it up for two locations with multiple rules and actions for each with ease.

so far its a great app, suits my needs perfectly of changing settings between work and home and detecting the locations properly.

Almost all of that is covered in the online manual (MarcoPolo menu -> Help); perhaps I should try to make that more visible.

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