Version: 2.5 || Release Date: 2007-11-19 || License: GPL Developer: David Symonds | App Owner: dsymonds

MarcoPolo uses fuzzy logic and rule-based matching to make educated guesses as to your current location, and automatically switches to the correct network location. It can match on discoverable Bluetooth devices, attached FireWire devices, assigned IP addresses, attached USB devices and visible WiFi networks, and can trigger various actions such as executing or opening a file, changing your default printer, running a shell script, or toggling your WiFi or Bluetooth.

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Hi David,

I guess what I'm trying to ask for is a simple PDF explaining the various options in the preferences window. For example, what general effect does the confidence slider have on switching? And what does switch smoothing do? (I know some of this is covered in the tool tips, but a handy reference would be a nice thing to have too) - and I'd really like to know just what the options in the advanced section do.

This is all a suggestion of course - a lot of this stuff came to be fairly quickly through trial and error and simple intuition but for a lot of other people, this may not be so obvious...

I thought I had written a reasonable amount of documentation, but then again I already know MarcoPolo fairly well.

What areas are poorly documented? Let me know so I can improve it!

I used to use Locamatic, but I kept on having issues with the pref pane disappearing in System Preferences; that and it kept on changing my location to "Automatic". I switched to MP back in 1.3 and I have to say it works amazingly well. My only request would be for some more extensive documentation.

I've been having some trouble with my connections dropping in and out when using Marco Polo. The system for the App is pretty amazing, and something I've been looking for, but I think it's a bit wonky still...

I expect some growth in the "actions" area, but the ability to set location based on USB and Bluetooth devices rocks!. This is better than all the other options, and I have tried them all!

The interface is a bit rough, and it's got a tendency to briefly switch to the default location for a half-second now and then - but the fact that it can switch based on plugging in external USB devices has made freelancing with my own computer much more hassle-free!

Changed from Home Zone to this. Let's see who's better :)

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