Version: 6.60 || Release Date: 2014-04-19 || License: Commercial with demo ($59.99) Developer: michel montagne | App Owner: golim

Mastock is a stock market analysis and portfolio management software solution for the individual investor, built exclusively for OS X. With a compelling and intuitive one window user interface, Mastock’s analytical tools can be customized to fit your precise need.

Locally stored historical data. Real technical analysis
software, not just downloaded charts.

Stock portfolio management with tracking, benchmarking
and automatic update. Support multiple currencies

Ability to dynamically filter stocks based on indicators
performance (much better than simple watch lists)

Support Options (Put/Call). Integrated Black-Scholes

Automatic real time (30 min) download of latest quote
prices from free internet sources.

Ability to download data from paid providers (EODData
platinum) to get better access to commodities and futures.
1,5,10,15,30,60 min intraday graphs for US equities.

Ability to update quotes using files. Automatic format

Most of the standard indicators including Ichimoku, Three-
Line Break and Points&Figures... on a daily, weekly,
monthly, quarterly or yearly period.

Japanese candlesticks analysis overlay

RMO trading system

Ability to add comments directly on the chart.

Ability to define your own custom indicators and trade
systems using a powerful proprietary programming
language. Included, tens of scripts for classical indicators
like DPO, Ultimate Oscillator...

Ability to define Trend Lines, Fibonacci retracement, linear
regression and Gann Angles as well as Fibo lines.

Semi-log or linear scale

OHLC, Japanese candlesticks, HeikinAshi or simple curve
chart display options

Ability to easily navigate through historical data at multiple
levels of zoom.

Embedded RSS news reader.

Support trackpad gestures, accessible, scriptable, voice
over compatible

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