Version: 9 || Release Date: 2012-11-28 || License: Commercial with demo ($120 stude) App Owner: churchc

From simple calculator operations to large-scale programming and interactive-document preparation, Mathematica is the tool of choice at the frontiers of scientific research, in engineering analysis and modeling, in technical education from high school to graduate school, and wherever quantitative methods are used.

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Apple's software update for Intel of March 5th broke the 64 bit support. This means that Mathematica 6 will run in 32-bit mode until a fix is released by Apple

I love it and I hate it. When it works, it works great, and in my line of work you can't live without it now. But after using it for over ten years, I still regularly curse and swear at Wolfram for its many perverse features and under-advertised limitations.

hey submitter please update the icons and such... don't be lazy ;)