Version: 2.6.5 || Release Date: 2006-07-15 || License: Freeware App Owner: broomdodger

MathPad is a general purpose graphing scientific calculator for the Macintosh. It uses text worksheets rather than simulating buttons on a hand held calculator. This live scratchpad interface allows you to see and edit your entire calculation. Formulas can be entered directly and different values can be plugged in for easy "what if" calculating.

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4 Opinions

The app has been updated and runs under OSX 10.8! Great!!

This was one of the most rewarding discoveries I made for Mac Classic, and I'm really glad to see it on Mac OS X

This is one of the most powerful freeware ever. Not very intuitive but incredibly rich for calculs, computations or plotting. A kind of small Mathematica.

No reserve. I use it daily for years.

This little app is really good for any (numerical) tasks you can't be bothered to program in C or are not worth buying MatLab/Mathematica/etc. It can do simple computations, function definitions, arrays, matrices, nested loops, plot in 2D, 3D (either the traditional way or by creating a color map of the values). It's pretty fast.

And it has sliders for variable parameters: if you define a slider, you get a little window with a scroll bar, and as soon as you move the it, the new value is used and everything is recomputed. So if you've got a plot depending on a couple of parameters, you can easily experiment with different values.

Highly recommended.