MDB Viewer

Version: 2.2.5 || Release Date: 2013-08-22 || License: Commercial with demo ($18.99) Developer: Jakob Egger | App Owner: stoltenberg

View and export Microsoft Access databases on your Mac!

MDB Viewer allows you to open MDB databases. You can view the contents, and export CSV files or SQL dumps.

Use MDB Viewer to transfer data from an MDB database to other applications like Excel, Numbers and Filemaker, or to database servers like MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Note: MDB Viewer shows only tables. Queries, forms and reports are not shown in MDB Viewer. You can not change databases with MDB Viewer. MDB Viewer is not compatible with databases in ACCDB format (if you use Access 2007 or newer, you must export as Access 2003 format).

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