Measuring Cup

Version: 1.2.3 || Release Date: 2008-03-23 || License: Freeware Developer: Shallot Patch | App Owner: macmanx

Measuring Cup is a recipe management program written in Cocoa, specifically for the Mac OS X operation system. I would like to think that it is the easiest to use recipe management software out there in the Mac OS X land. Think iTunes or iPhoto for recipes.

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I just tried this app and when trying to make my first recipe it only allowed me to enter two ingredients, then any more I tried to add couldn't be edited. Too bad, this looked like a good app.

@zkl - RE: admin password

I just emailed the developer and he told me following:

- If you are not running as administrator, it will ask for the password. The reason is that it needs to install a schema file at /Library/Application Support/Shallot Patch/Measuring Cup/foodRecipe_1_0.xsd. It is installed at the /Library level so that other users can share it as well.

So double thumbs up to the dev for both an excellent app and rapid replies to support requests. Cheers!

Uhm ... This programm just asked me for admin password (in my non-admin useraccount). Deleted it right away.

I've been looking for a good recipe manager... thus far, none I've run across (commercial or free) qualify as anything above "good", but this one takes the cake thus far.
The interface is compact and functional, and it has many logical features that are just plain absent from EVERY other recipe program I've come across (sub-recipes, grouping ingredients, and numbering/grouping instructions, to name a few). I've fiddled with Yum, tried YummySoup, and looked at/tested a dozen or so others.
This one is the best I've found by a large enough margin to ditch everything else completely. And look! Free! All it could use is a couple other features, especially in the searching and displaying departments, and it'd beat out every other app I've run across in every way.